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Warrior Rabil 2 X Unstrung Head (2014)


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Regular Price: $128.99
On sale now for: $109.99

The Warrior Rabil 2 Head is one of the most highly anticipated items in lacrosse for 2015. The original Rabil head was very successful for Warrior, and they have only upgraded the performance on this second time around!

Warrior Rabil 2 X Unstrung Head Performance

The Rabil 2 Head was designed by Warrior with the help of one of the best all-around lacrosse stars of all time, Paul Rabil. Alongside Rabil, Warrior has created a true "shooter's head" for the player who is looking for maximum power and ultimate performance. Warrior's TruOffset design helps you to create the deepest legal pocket possible, while maintaining excellent feel on the ball. The flexibility on the Rabil 2 head also helps you get off the most powerful shot possible. The upper 1/3 of the head is flexible, while the lower 2/3 of the head is stiff. This design helps create a slingshot release that is great for any shooter. Finally, Warrior has equipped the Rabil 2 with maximum stringing holes for ultimate customization!

Warrior Rabil 2 X Head Upgrades

You may remember that the original Rabil head featured Warrior's 2shot Color Molding Process which allowed for a multi-colored design. They have moved away from that technology for the Rabil 2 in favor of a more classic, single form style. In addition, Warrior has upgraded their SymRail Tech sidewall to their second generation "SymRail Twist". This technology allows the Rabil 2 to maintain top-end strength by twisting the plastic of the sidewall rails and eliminating anything that added unnecessary weight. Also, Warrior has managed to transition the face shape of the Rabil 2 head to a more appealing, sleeker look. In the last Rabil model, warping could have caused the ball to lodge in the throat of the stick. This correction is a huge development to increase the durability of the stick! The Warrior Rabil 2 is likely to be a top seller in this upcoming year, so order yours ASAP and find your most powerful shot yet!

- Ultimate power meets absolute precision
- Warrior's TruOffset design
- "Shooter's head"
- Exclusive Sym-Rail Twist technology
- Reduced weight
- Improved stiffness
- Max string holes
- Universal spec
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Warrior Rabil II by Ryan from Elmont, NY ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

Used it all weekend and Im glad for the long wait. By far one of the best heads Ive owned. Great control and pocket, with pin point accuracy. Certainly worth buying.