Tuesday, July 02, 2013
Cascade R Helmet Customizer

So Cascade Lacrosse has just updated their Customizer with the new R Helmet! We spent a couple minutes testing it out and came up with some pretty cool designs that we would love to rock!


Of these two which one would you want to wear A or B. 


If you are looking to mess around with the Customizer check it out HERE!!!!

If you came up with some cool combinations buy it today and within 48 hours of Cascade receiving the order your helmet will be built! Customize your own helmet and BUY IT HERE!



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Tuesday, July 30, 2013
Never Miss A ComLax Special!

Are you a Gmail user?  If so, you may not be seeing all of the best deals we have on gear.  Google made some changes to your Gmail inbox that filter your emails, so if you want to make sure you are receiving every special offer follow these steps:


Step 1: Log into your Gmail account.  In your inbox you will now have three separate inboxes, as you see in the image above.


Step 2: Select the "Promotions" tab of your inbox.


Step 3: This is where our emails can now be found.


Step 4: Click in the circled area and drag the email onto the "Primary" tab.  Release the mouse button when the cursor is hovering over the "Primary" tab.


Step 5: A yellow popup will appear near the top of the page.  Select "Yes" to make sure that all future special offer emails will arrive in your inbox.


Now you will never miss a ComLax deal!

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