Thursday, March 03, 2011
What's In My Lacrosse Bag, Part Four

It's time for another installment of "What's In My Bag." Today we take it out to Berlin, MA, where Terry Soloski runs the show over at our ComLax store in Berlin. And away we go......
Stick: Pink-dyed Evo Pro strung up with all white soft mesh (I like the hold and whip you get with it)
Shaft:  cut down Brine Scandium goalie shaft.
Helmet: Cascade Pro7 with chrome mask
Gloves: STX K18 custom colors (older model)
Cleats: Nike Huaraches (original model)
Arm Pads: K18 arm pads (White)
Along with the random stuff of UnderArmour cold gear, pinnies, mouth guard and empty gatorade bottles.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011
What's In My Lacrosse Bag, Part Five

Today we're checking in with Bryan Feener, who manages our ComLax store in Medford, Massachusetts. Bryan has been with us for about two years now and played both lacrosse and ice hockey at Malden Catholic. Let's let him give us the lowdown on what you might find in his lacrosse bag these days:

Stick(s): STX SCI-TI Pro (black), STX CO2 offset shaft, Warrior Razer Head
Shoulder Pad: STX Cell Liner
Arm Gaurds: Nike Vapor arm gaurds (white)
Helmet - Custom Cascade Pro 7 helmet (Malden Catholic colors)
Gloves - Warrior Mac Daddy Navy Blue
Cleats - Under Armour

Go see more about Bryan and our Medford store at our Medford ComLax profile page.

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